Current Exhibits

Our Exhibit area is currently being renovated.  Check back soon to plan a visit to see our exhibits featuring the materials from the Special Collections and Archives.

Online Exhibits

Clemson and the Persian Gulf War

  • Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Sabre

“A fairy godmother with the most wonderful gifts”

  • Margaret Chase Behrend’s remarkable donation to Clemson Libraries

YMCA and Clemson

  • A look back at the 125 year history of the YMCA and the university

The Founding of Clemson University: A Confluence of People, Ideas, Time, and Place

  • A timeline that traces the progression and interweaving of the people, places, ideas, and events that created this “high seminary of learning”

Clemson Bound 1893

  • Look back to July 6, 1893 when the first Clemson students arrived on campus daily for Summer Orientation

The Rise and Fall of Clemson House

  • Explore the history of this iconic building where the campus, local community, and visitors relaxed, ate, socialized, conducted business, exchanged ideas, and celebrated

Building Legacies: Clemson Campus Namesakes

  • Explore Clemson buildings through this mapping project that featured 3-D rendering of campus buildings paired with historical photographs

World War I and the Clemson Community

  • Look back more than 100 years to Clemson’s response to the United States’ April 1917 entry into the Great War

Documenting the Natural World: Illustrated 18th-19th Century Books in the Archives holdings

  • Explore books by entomologists and naturalists in our holdings

No Russian Collusion:  Clemson College, 1961

  • A visit of two Russians to Clemson in December, 1961