Current Exhibits

Our Exhibit area is currently being renovated.  Check back soon to plan a visit to see our exhibits featuring the materials from the Special Collections and Archives.

Online Exhibits

Harvey Gantt’s Journey to Clemson

  • What was your journey to Clemson?  Harvey Gantt’s journey lasted nearly three years through daunting challenges, an extensive federal lawsuit, the possibility of violence and international attention. This exhibit features original documents and photographs from the Clemson University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives to follow Harvey Gantt’s path through history on his way to becoming Clemson’s first Black student on January 28, 1963.  Commemorate the 60th anniversary of integration at Clemson by tracing your way through Harvey Gantt’s journey.

A. Wolfe Davidson: The Man Behind the Sculpture

  • The life and work of A. Wolfe Davidson, the artist behind several sculptures and portrait busts in the campus collection, including the statue of Thomas Green Clemson.

Clemson and the Persian Gulf War

  • Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Sabre

“A fairy godmother with the most wonderful gifts”

  • Margaret Chase Behrend’s remarkable donation to Clemson Libraries

YMCA and Clemson

  • A look back at the 125 year history of the YMCA and the university

The Founding of Clemson University: A Confluence of People, Ideas, Time, and Place

  • A timeline that traces the progression and interweaving of the people, places, ideas, and events that created this “high seminary of learning”

Clemson Bound 1893

  • Look back to July 6, 1893 when the first Clemson students arrived on campus daily for Summer Orientation

The Rise and Fall of Clemson House

  • Explore the history of this iconic building where the campus, local community, and visitors relaxed, ate, socialized, conducted business, exchanged ideas, and celebrated

Building Legacies: Clemson Campus Namesakes

  • Explore Clemson buildings through this mapping project that featured 3-D rendering of campus buildings paired with historical photographs

World War I and the Clemson Community

  • Look back more than 100 years to Clemson’s response to the United States’ April 1917 entry into the Great War

Documenting the Natural World: Illustrated 18th-19th Century Books in the Archives holdings

  • Explore books by entomologists and naturalists in our holdings

No Russian Collusion:  Clemson College, 1961

  • A visit of two Russians to Clemson in December, 1961