Library Fines and Fees

Lost or Damaged Items

If you lose or damage a library item, you will be billed a general replacement fee for the item. You will receive a bill for any material that is 45 days overdue. If the item is found within six months, you will be reimbursed the fees but not any overdue fines. For more information concerning library fines please refer to the Fees section of the Clemson Libraries’ Circulation Policies.

  • If you have questions about Cooper Library materials, fines or fees, please contact the Library Services Desk at 864-656-1557.
  • You may also contact the Gunnin Architecture Library Desk at 864-656-3933 concerning Architecture Library materials.
  • Questions concerning Education Media Center items should be directed to 864-656-3741.
  • Questions concerning CU-ICAR Library items should be directed to 864-365-0484.

Pay Fines

Credit Card Payment

We accept online payments for library fines via credit card in the Clemson University Marketplace.

TigerOne Card Payment

Use the form below to make a payment using your TigerOne card.