Welcome to the Education Media Center

The Education Media Center (EMC) is a curriculum materials library that primarily supports the students, faculty, and staff of Clemson University’s College of Education by providing spaces, resources, and services to facilitate the development of educators, counselors, administrators, training and development specialists, and all learners.

The EMC functions as a Clemson University Libraries location, providing all affiliated resources and services. EMC collections include textbooks and workbooks in many subject areas, juvenile and young adult literature, A/V and educational technology, digital and media resources, manipulatives, kits, games, assessment materials, and more! The EMC also offers color printing, copying, and scanning, large format lamination, book binding, and several spaces, supplies, and support for personal, collaborative, technological, creative, and scholarly teaching and learning activities.

EMC circulating technology, assessment materials, and space reservations are restricted to Clemson University College of Education affiliates only. All other EMC collections and services are available to any Clemson University Libraries affiliate, including South Carolina educators and residents who are eligible for a free borrowing card.