Education Media Center & Digital Media Learning Lab

The Education Media Center (EMC) is a curriculum materials library located in 212 Tillman Hall that primarily supports the students, faculty, and staff of Clemson University’s College of Education by providing resources, services, and spaces to facilitate the development of educators, counselors, administrators, training and development specialists, and all learners.

The EMC functions as a Clemson University Libraries location, offering all affiliated resources and services. EMC collections include textbooks and workbooks in many subject areas, children’s and young adult literature, A/V and educational technology, digital and media resources, manipulatives, kits, games, assessment materials, and more! The EMC also offers a color CCIT lab printer, large format lamination, book binding, die cuts, and several spaces, resources, and support for personal, collaborative, technological, creative, and scholarly teaching and learning activities.

The Digital Media Learning Lab (DML Lab) in 213 Tillman Hall supports the exploration and research of educational apps and gaming, coding, virtual and augmented reality, video, audio, and 3D printing production, and other emerging STEAM and digital media technologies.

The mission of the DML Lab is to create a culture of participation by providing technology and media “hangouts” to foster creativity, production, and learning supported by community members. The DML Lab provides a place where students, faculty, staff, and practitioners can create, collaborate, and investigate side-by-side. It is intended to be interest-driven and student-centered support for Clemson University as well as P-12 students and educators through a variety of transdisciplinary collaborations, including research and outreach projects with computer science, architecture, geology, PRTM, the Youth Learning Institute, and South Carolina schools.

The DML Lab is designated as a Center of Excellence and is part of the Education and Human Development department in the College of Education where teaching and research are paramount. The DML Lab greatly supports the course work of EDF 4800 Foundations of Digital Media and Learning, EdLT 4800 Foundations in Adolescent Literacy, EDF 9080 Social Media, Games, and Emerging Technologies, and EDF 9110 Theoretical Foundations of Games for Learning and their associated faculty, Ryan Visser, Danielle Herro, and Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens. Please contact us for cross-curricular course and research collaborations!

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