Clemson Center for Geospatial Technologies

The mission of CCGT is to build a community of interdisciplinary geospatial science practitioners through the support of research, teaching, and outreach activities using technologies that enable the collection, analysis, and application of geospatial data. The Center is dedicated to assisting faculty and students in the integration of geospatial technologies within their scholarly activities across all disciplines at Clemson University and building connections between academic, industrial, governmental and non-governmental institutions throughout the world.

The primary home for CCGT is in the Cooper Library, where staffed collaboration and training spaces are available to all members of the Clemson community through a partnership between CCIT and the Libraries. Through this partnership, CCGT strives to make resources available to the community, including training and workshops, data services for teaching and research, access to infrastructure for geospatial analysis (ranging from software licensing for GIS through high performance computing), and support for research and proposal development.

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