Open Access Task Force

The Open Access Task Force will lead a university-wide discussion about open access at Clemson and provide recommendations for future initiatives and directions to ensure that university research and scholarship is disseminated as widely as possible.

Specifically, to:

  • Clearly define open access as it pertains to this work
  • Review Clemson’s open access activities to date, as well as activities of Clemson’s aspirational peers
  • Survey faculty as well as departments, labs, centers, and other units with a vested interest or who are already engaged in open access work, to determine what their needs and preferences are related to open access
  • Prepare recommendations to the Administration, as well as the faculty and the university, for new or strengthened open access policies and initiatives
  • Work with Administration to develop implementation plans and report on progress on these initiatives


  • Co-Chairs: Dean Christopher Cox (Libraries) and Dr. Sheila Lischwe (Office of Research)
  • Representatives from colleges:
    • CAAH: Dr. Elysse Newman
    • CAFLS: Dr. Van Bloem
    • CECAS: Dr. Rachel Getman
    • COB: Craig Wallace
    • COE: Dr. Jean McKendry
    • COS: Dr. Steve Creager
    • CSBHS: Dr. Lu Shi
    • Libraries: Megan Sheffield
  • Representative from CCIT: Jill Gemmill
  • Representative from Clemson University Press: Dr. Alison Mero

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