Clemson Libraries Student Advisory Group

The Clemson Libraries Student Advisory Group develops ideas for creating a better experience for undergraduate and graduate students.  They serve as a forum for student ideas, advise the Libraries on issues of student interest, and help promote the Libraries’ programs.


  • To provide the opportunity for students to present ideas to enhance the Libraries and make them more student friendly;
  • To provide a sounding board for library faculty, staff and administration on strategic directions and changes;
  • To suggest and sponsor programming of student interest;
  • To identify and raise funds to purchase materials of student choice to enhance the Libraries’ collections and facilities;
  • To offer advice on the latest, greatest technologies and suggestions on how the Libraries’ might utilize them;
  • To supply marketing advice to the Libraries’ regarding publicity of programs and services to students;
  • To act as peer advocates of Clemson Libraries to help share information about the Libraries with students and encourage student use;
  • To sponsor small fundraisers to support and improve the Libraries’ collections, services and facilities.


  1. Advisory Group advisor, appointed by Clemson Libraries
  2. Interested undergraduate and graduate students
  3. Dean of Libraries (ex officio)

Time commitment

Two meetings per semester minimum.

Review to take place in one calendar year.