Libraries re-organization launched July 1

Clemson Libraries has officially reorganized in an effort to streamline workflows, address gaps in mission-critical staffing and position itself for growth to better support the University’s goals in teaching, research, and service. The Libraries will now be organized into three divisions, each led by a new associate dean.

Collections and Discovery: under Associate Dean Ariel Turner (

This division acquires, maintains and provides access to all of the Libraries’ information resources and collections, both print and electronic. This division also includes resource sharing, off-site storage, and courier operations, and Special Collections and Archives, which includes Records Management.

Organizational Performance and Inclusion: under Associate Dean Shamella Cromartie (

This division supports the success of the Libraries as an organization and its employees, focusing on organizational development and equity, diversity and inclusion. Departments in this division include assessment, IT infrastructure, learning environments, strategic planning, and communications and marketing.

Teaching, Learning, and Research: under Associate Dean Elias Tzoc (

This division is responsible for the promotion, education, and use of collections and services to support student and faculty research and instruction, as well as digital literacy, digital scholarship, scholarly communications, and data services. The University Press also falls under this division.

More information about the reorganization is available on the Libraries website.