All current Clemson University students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program are eligible. For group projects all undergraduate students named on the project must be currently enrolled at Clemson. Students must be in good academic standing at the time of submission. Submitted projects must have been completed by the end of the application submission period. Projects completed from Spring 2023 through Spring 2024 are eligible for the award.

Types of Entries

We will consider any type of creative project, research paper, or empirical research that demonstrates an understanding of the research process and that utilizes library resources. Some examples include research papers or essays, literary criticism, research projects utilizing quantitative or qualitative methodologies, musical compositions or works, art projects or installations, and more.

Entry Components

  • Application Form
    • A complete application form must be submitted electronically
    • For group projects, one member should submit the application form and list all group members in the application form
  • Creative Project or Work
    • Must be the student’s original work
    • Should have a strong research component
    • Must utilize library resources or services at Clemson or any other library/archives
    • If your project is in a form that cannot be electronically submitted (e.g., an art exhibit or installation) please submit a document explaining the project with a detailed description and any other explanatory information that will allow it to be judged
  • Reflective Essay
    • 500-750 word statement
    • Describe your research process, including how you determined the topic and scope of the project and methods, your search strategies, and evaluated the sources used. The essay must address how the student used library resources or services in the research process.
    • Group projects should submit one essay for the group. Please ensure that the essay includes a discussion of how each group member contributed to the final project.
    • Exceptional essays address the following questions::
      • How was the research question was formulated?
      • What made you choose this research question or topic?
      • How did you select a research methodology?
      • How did you approach existing literature on your topic?
      • How did you evaluate the sources used in your project?
      • How did you choose the format for the final project?
      • How did you utilize library resources or services?
      • How did each group member contribute to the project (if applicable)?
    • Some additional points to consider including in the essay:
      • Consider any challenges you may have encountered in the research process and discuss how you addressed them
      • Did you consult with a librarian or professor about the project? In what ways did that consultation shape your project?
  • Bibliography
    • Format your bibliography using an appropriate style for your discipline. Your bibliography should contain a wide range of sources appropriate for the discipline and project. Source types can include primary or secondary sources, scholarly literature, popular works, data, articles, original compositions, and more.
  • Faculty Letter of Support
    • All project submissions must include a faculty letter of support. This statement should be 1-2 pages. In the statement, please describe the student’s research abilities as well as a brief evaluation of the submitted project and the student’s understanding of the field. More detailed guidance can be found under the Faculty Letter of Support Information page.