Display at Gunnin Architecture Library explores libraries as “third place”

In conjunction with the School of Architecture’s Third Place Lecture Series, the Gunnin Architecture Library is highlighting books and other collections items that explore the topic of “Library as Third Place.”

The Third Place Lecture Series has hosted a variety of experts speaking on different topics related to the concept of “third place,” a space for people to gather, socialize or recreate outside of home and work. The display focuses on the idea of the library as one of those important third places, and also features books by several of the speakers from the lecture series, including Byrony Roberts, Rebecca Popowsky, Ashley Bigham and Erik Herrmann.

“One of our goals in creating this display was to not only feature items in our collection that relate to the theme of the Third Place and items published by the speakers, but to impress upon viewers that we are a research resource in these areas,” said Ann Holderfield, art and architecture librarian and director of the Gunnin Architecture Library. “Another goal was to bring forward the idea that the Gunnin Architecture Library has a role to play in the Third Space within our context here in Lee Hall. I hope we can be a place ‘away,’ a place to interact, a place to study, a place to rest, a place to talk, and a place that, overall, supports students in the kind of space that they need.”

The display is on exhibit right outside the entrance of the Gunnin Library in Lee Hall through April 15. To learn more, check out the virtual display.