Training & Support

Individual Consultations

The Adobe Digital Studio is staffed with expert interns, who are ready to help with any questions about software or equipment. Interns come from various fields of study and have a range of expertise. Use this form to schedule an appointment with the Adobe Digital Studio.


Class Instruction and Support

The Creative Technologies Librarian, Kelsey Sheaffer, conducts class sessions on a variety of topics, ranging from video production to podcasting to poster design. To schedule a tutorial for your class or group, or to set up a consultation, e-mail Kelsey Sheaffer (

The Adobe Digital Studio also hosts workshops that are open to anyone in the Clemson community. Check our event calendar for upcoming workshops.


Adobe Support

Clemson students, faculty and staff have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a suite of creative software.

Downloading Adobe programs

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Clemson email without the .g (example:
  3. In the top menu bar, select “Apps”
  4. Scroll down to find desired program, select the blue “Download” button, continue the rest of your computer’s download steps

Learning Adobe programs

Adobe Premiere Rush

The beginner-friendly video editor. Much more simple to get started than Adobe Premiere Pro. Also use the mobile version to record and then automatically sync your project.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe’s main video editor; high-end with all the bells and whistles. Use for video editing for more complex projects. Must use for green-screening.

Adobe Audition

Audio editing using a multitrack layout. Good for podcasting and some music projects.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe program for vector design projects for anything to be printed or used on the web. Create one-page docs (flyers, infographics, handouts), web graphics (logos, icons), other vector needs (designing and sending to laser cutter).

Adobe InDesign

Another Adobe vector design program. Use to create multi-page docs: layouts for print and digital publishing, like books and brochures.

Adobe Photoshop

A classic Adobe program. Raster-based graphics so recommended use only for editing and manipulating photos, and digital drawing. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe’s free web-based design platform. Three types of project outputs: graphics (like flyers or social media posts), simple videos (like a video presentation), simple webpages (single page). Easy to use but limited design. Many templates to build on.

Other Adobe programs

There are many other Adobe programs. We recommend the HelpX Adobe tutorials for getting started. Many apps now have tutorials also built into their interface.