December 2022
This Month in History

The month of December is home to more than just the holiday season. Many famous people were born during this month and many events have taken place to impact the world around us. Please stop by either virtually or physically and check out the books, government documents, children’s books, audiobooks, and DVDs that will tell you more about why December is such an important month.

November 2022
National Park Service

This virtual display highlights both print and online publications from the National Park Service with a focus on civil rights and local sites from the Carolinas.

The Wall Street South Investment Club offers members “hands on” experience in trading securities and managing an investment portfolio through the use of a comprehensive trading simulation featuring stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, and international stocks.

September 2022
Title IX 50th Anniversary

In celebration and recognition of the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, Clemson Libraries proudly offers a selection of books, audiobooks, ebooks, DVDs, government documents, and children’s books that deal with topics related to passage of this important law.

Welcome Fall 2022, welcome back to campus! Take advantage of these streaming films via the Clemson Libraries available to all current students, staff, and faculty. We have many DEI titles from around the world that you can view from anywhere and all academic year, too.