Reflection Room Policy

The mission of the Reflection Room at Cooper Library is to provide a peaceful and quiet space for reflection, yoga, prayer, or meditation.

  • Below are the guidelines of use of the space to ensure a peaceful, safe, and welcoming experience for everyone.
  • This room is available to all Clemson University students, staff, and faculty. Please be respectful and kind.
  • Use of the space is for the purposes of quiet personal reflection, yoga, meditation, or prayer.
  • The Reflection Room is not to be used as a study space or sleeping area.
  • Limit your time to 30 minutes in order to share the space.
  • Up to 3 people can be in the space at one time.
  • No candles or scented oils in the Reflection Room.
  • Do not leave advertisements or flyers in the Reflection Room.
  • Personal items brought to the Reflection Room to aid in reflective activities need to be removed by the person who brought them in.
  • Cell phone use and the playing of audible music are not permissible.
  • In order to keep the space and floors clean, no food is permitted.
  • If there are any issues regarding use or occupants, please contact Library Services Desk at (864) 656-1557