Public Address System Policy

Scope of the Policy

This policy regulates acceptable use of the public address system in order to avoid disruptive noise and arbitrary use of the system.

The public address system in Cooper Library is used only for scheduled Library opening and closing announcements and for unscheduled emergency instructions.

There will be absolutely no paging of patrons, announcement of programs, or other incidental uses of this system.

Requirements & Guidelines

The PA system may be used by library employees for:

  • Emergencies that apply to all occupants (e.g., severe weather warnings, instructions to evacuate, or shelter in place)
  • Locating employees or patrons in emergency situations (e.g., medical emergencies, attempting to locate a separated parent or child that employees have been unable to find by searching)
  • Library closing announcements
  • Announcements of special library programs or events (not to include recurring programs such as story time or book club)
  • Any situation deemed appropriate by management or security

The PA system may not generally be used for:

  • Requests by patrons (in person or by phone) to page someone in the library, except in emergency situations
  • Announcements of meetings or events that are not sponsored by the library
  • Announcements of regular library programs

Approved by LLT September 17, 2020