Posting Policy

R.M. Cooper Library

Space is available for posting banners, flyers, and other University-related content both in Cooper Library and outdoors in approved locations. Community bulletin boards on the fourth floor (417A) are available for posting flyers, leaflets, brochures and similar marketing or promotional materials that have been stamped and approved by Campus Reservations and Events at the guest services desk in the Hendrix Student Center. All postings must meet the requirements outlined in the University’s Facility Use Policy. Only University organizations or departments can post materials in University Facilities. Individuals or groups are responsible for providing copies of the materials and placing them on the designated boards.

Clemson University (as noted in the CU Facilities Use Policy Statement Posting section) prohibits the following:

  • Postings in unauthorized locations
  • Commercial postings unless sponsored by a recognized organization or unit
  • Postings that jeopardize campus safety
  • Postings with alcoholic beverage consumption as the primary message
  • Postings whose primary purpose is the promotion of commercial goods or services
  • Postings which use sidewalk chalk or a similar material

Postings that violate guidelines will be removed by library personnel.

Interior spaces for banners

Indoor banners require special permission and generally must be library or library partner sponsored content. Exceptions may be made for university-wide events or campaigns. Banners (indoors or outdoors) that celebrate significant University goals, achievements, special events and student related content require special approval. Postings on indoor furniture, wall, doors, and the like are not permitted except with special permission.

Exterior spaces for banners

The large space between the outdoor columns between the entrance and exit of Cooper Library is reserved for high-level university-wide events or celebrations with a broad impact, and a request to use the space can only be submitted by Clemson University faculty or staff. In the case that a recognized student organization would like to request the space, their request must be submitted by their faculty or staff adviser.

Painting the glass and/or windows is not permitted as damage and discoloration can occur.  The library bridge or balcony is an appropriate place for many outdoor banners that can be hung safely at railing height. Indoor yard signs and A-frames may be approved for display with permission of the library by submitting the appropriate form. Outdoor yard signs and A-frames for use on the Library Bridge are managed by the Hendrix Student Center Information Desk.

This policy does not cover interior and exterior fixed signage but is written for the purpose of short-term or time limited postings. All fixed signage follows campus guidelines. Use of the digital signage is restricted to library or partner generated content and follow the Cooper Digital Signage Policy. Defined exhibit spaces are governed by the Hosted Exhibits Policy.

Students, faculty, staff, and recognized University organizations that are interested in posting banners, signs, or other materials inside or outside of Cooper Library must submit an interest form.