Classroom Use Policy

Cooper Library classrooms 200B, 204, and 416, as well as 101 Self Auditorium in the Strom Thurmond Institute, are available for University classes and are scheduled centrally through 25Live by registration and room coordinators.   

No other classes or events for the semester may be scheduled in centrally controlled classrooms until after the first week of classes to ensure all classes, common exams, and PAL sessions are scheduled.  

Library instructors and library partners have priority for classroom use when University classes are not in session. Library employees and partners can schedule classrooms through LibCal after the first week of classes.   

Other Clemson University faculty/staff, departments, colleges, and officially recognized organizations may book classrooms for events as availability allows. To submit a request use the Event Spaces page.   

Original policy adopted: August 14, 1991
Last Revision: May 21, 2013
Approved by Libraries Administrative Council: May 21, 2013
Last Revision: October 14, 2022
Approved by Dean’s Council: October 14, 2022