What Happened to the Books?

If you’ve been on the 5th or 6th floor of Cooper Library recently, you might be wondering “what happened to the books?”

Based on student feedback, there was an institutional call for additional study spaces.  The library has long been associated as a great place to meet as a group or to study individually in a quiet space.

While we kept all books in the library, we did move approximately 80,000 journals to the Library Depot which is located 8 miles from campus in Clemson’s Innovation campus in Anderson County. The Library Depot consists of high bay stacks that are not open to the public or arranged like a traditional call numbers. Items are stored by size in specific tray locations and managed by a unique software suite.

By removing materials to our offsite facility, we were able to consolidate the remaining collection on level 5 and free up all of level 6 for new furniture and technology. The journals are completely assessable & request-able through our online catalog and ILL request systems. For articles, we offer electronic scan and delivery to your inbox. For material requests, our courier delivers materials daily.