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Open Education Events at Clemson: March 4th – 13th

Discover a limitless new world of free learning resources, in many media and all subjects. Learn creative new strategies of teaching using them. Attend our speaker talks and workshops to Enhance Your Teaching! Lunch will be provided. Please register using the links below:


  • Active learning using Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • Monday, March 4th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    • Dr. Chrissy Spencer, a faculty member in Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech and researcher on teaching and learning will discuss how science courses can be taught beyond the traditional lecture-based approach. She will share her insights on teaching difficult concepts in science using OER, which are cost free for students and with problem solving and inquiry-based pedagogy.
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  • Copyright for Scholarly Publication and Teaching
    • Tuesday, March 5th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    • Are you preparing to submit a manuscript to a publisher? Do you have questions about copyright, permissions, or what’s covered under fair use? In this workshop, Dr. Morgenstern (Director of Clemson University Press) will guide you through the basics of copyright from the perspective of academic publishers. The workshop will also answer questions specific to your research publications and teaching.
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  • Introduction to WeBWork
    • Thursday, March 7th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    •  Did you know that there is an open source homework system for classes that involve equations in mathematics, science, engineering and business? Dr. Matthew Macauley from Clemson’s School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences will explain the benefits of WeBWork for both students and educators.
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  • From Wikipedia to Full On OER
    •  Friday, March 8th, 11:30-12:30, Room 309, Cooper Library.
    •  Want to know how Wikipedia can be used as a tool for student assignments, creative publishing projects and a way to teach them about how online information is created and used for deception? Dr. Mills Kelly, a Digital Historian from George Mason University will discuss how Wikipedia and other free web resources can be used in humanities education.
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  • Finding and Citing Open Multimedia
    • Monday, March 11th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    • Would you like to create a media-rich course? Aren’t sure how you can? April Pelt, Digital Learning Strategist from Clemson Online and Jan Comfort, Engineering reference Librarian at Clemson Libraries will demonstrate how to locate open images, videos, and other multimedia and incorporate them into your Canvas course. They will also teach you how to create assignments for students that incorporate using copyright and proper attribution of multi-media sources.
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  • Using Open “Texts”
    • Tuesday, March 12th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    •  Tired of the limitations of traditional textbooks and their rising costs? Discover possibilities offered by OER textbooks, class activities, assignments and other courseware, as well as open courses. Yang Wu, Open Resources Librarian at Clemson Libraries will show you the growing variety of high quality OER textual materials for your higher education and k-12 teaching needs and discuss considerations for using them.
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  • Starting a Large Scale Open Educational Resource Effort
    • Wednesday, March 13th, Noon-1, Brown Room, Cooper Library.
    • Mr. Jeff Gallant, Program Manager for Affordable Learning Georgia, one of the most successful initiatives to promote low cost, affordable learning in the US will share his insights on what universities can do to increase student success through the adoption, adaption and creation of OER, quality learning materials that are available to students cost free.
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