Meet Library Staff: Tyler Commons

What is your job? I am a Library Specialist. As a Library Specialist, I get to work with the circulation team and interact with our students, faculty and community patrons to help them get basically anything they ask for, whether that be the name of a faculty member or the time registration opens or just a pencil; you never know what people are going to ask for, and no two days ever look exactly the same. I also work with the Textbook Lending Program, a program to get copies of required course texts available for checkout for FREE from the circulation desk.

What book are you currently reading? “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett and “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black

What is your favorite spot in the Libraries? My favorite spot in the library has to be the balcony (especially when it’s warm out). I like to go out there and eat lunch and recharge for the afternoon.

What’s the best thing about working for the Libraries? The best thing about working for the Libraries is the support from all my peers and the fun we get to have while helping our patrons and meeting their needs.

What is one thing you wish students knew about the Libraries? I really wish more students knew more about the Textbook Lending Program and other means by which we can support their academic endeavors. The Library isn’t just a place full of books and study spaces but a place full of people that want them to succeed and grow.