Materials database available on trial basis at Gunnin Architecture Library

Clemson Libraries is hoping to expand its collections at the Gunnin Architecture Library in Lee Hall with material samples offered through the Material Connexion database. This is a database of materials used in building, design, fashion, packaging, architecture, and other fields such as automotive engineering. The collection contains everything from powders and coatings to fibers and textiles and 3D filaments to in-mold technology. Along with a physical collection, Clemson patrons would have access to a database full of information.

Samples from the physical collection are available at the Gunnin Architecture Library on a trial basis from April 10-21. The physical collection is comprised of tablets containing the material samples. QR codes on each tablet provide a link to a database with more information about the material.

Clemson users can also access the online database during this trial period. To access the trial:

  1. Visit the Material Connexion database site (QR scanning on the mounted samples in Gunnin Library will also take you to this page).
  2. Enter your Clemson email address. You will also be asked to enter a password. Your password is not set yet, so you can enter anything in this space and click submit.
  3. Confirming your school name on the next page. You will then be brought to the registration page to enter a bit more information, create a password, and then click submit.
  4. Now you will be fully registered to access the database!

Clemson Libraries is also seeking feedback on the database and users’ experience with it. Click here to provide feedback.