Don’t Download Excessively

image of RM CooperWe’ve had a report of excessive downloading from Taylor & Francis journals. The publisher immediately suspended access to all off-campus users. They have since cleared the block.

In accordance with procedures agreed upon in early 2016, we have initiated forced, on-campus authentication for all titles from this publisher, effective immediately. We subscribe to over 1000 journals in nearly every discipline from Taylor & Francis.

  • You will now be asked to login to view T&F titles while on-campus.
  • Any bookmarks will no longer work while on-campus. You’ll need to bookmark them again.
    1. You should always use the library’s website to access our subscribed/purchased resources.
  • Future activity of this nature may cause a user’s CUID to be automatically blocked from using all electronic resources, until we can determine if their ID has been compromised, used illegally, etc.
  • Future activity of this nature may suspend access to all Clemson users, and may even result in permanent loss of access to Clemson.

For your convenience, here is the link to our policy on