Course Reserves

Course Resource List is a tool designed to help instructors incorporate outside resources in their Canvas courses. Instructors can build reading lists that include library materials, videos, web resources, and more.


  • Identify and link directly to resources; no need to deal with link maintenance
  • Materials can be saved and reused in other courses or future semesters
  • Materials are added to Canvas so students have easy access
  • Avoid copyright issues by directly linking to electronic resources

This guide contains instructions to help get you started. Course Resource Lists will be live on December 14, but to you can register for a training session here. For individualized help, contact your subject librarian.

What are course reserves? Course reserve is a term used in academic libraries to describe materials set aside for a specific academic course or other use. Most often materials are put on course reserve by library staff at the request of the course’s instructor. Course reserves allow instructors to point their students to supplemental or required material. Often part of the library’s collection but sometimes owned by the instructor them self, course reserves offer students a specific collection of curriculum-supporting material that could include books, articles, media (such as streaming media, film, and music), and more. Having this multitude of materials in one place, such as Course Resource Lists, provides both teaching faculty and students a more organized manner by which they can upload, access, and consume them.