Clemson Libraries offers LibKey tools to help access articles

Clemson Libraries is now offering LibKey Nomad and LibKey Discovery to help users find and access scholarly articles online.

This icon will appear if an article is available through Clemson Libraries. Clicking the icon will take users to the article.

LibKey Nomad is a browser plugin that helps users connect to full text articles that are available through Clemson Libraries when they are searching on websites such as Google Scholar, Wikipedia or journal websites. When LibKey Nomad detects an article or other content that the Libraries has access to, a special icon will appear at the bottom left corner of the window, letting users know that they can access the article for free through the Libraries website. Clicking the icon will take users to the article.

“LibKey Nomad will help save our students, faculty and staff money — by avoiding paying for articles unnecessarily — and time by connecting them quickly with the sources they are looking for,” said Chris Morris, systems librarian. “This is another tool in our growing toolkit that will help support the University’s research goals.”

LibKey Nomad will also detect if articles that are linked in citations on other articles are available through the Libraries. Smaller icons will appear next to the links that are accessible through the Libraries.

Click here for instructions on how to download and install LibKey Nomad. The extension is available for most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. (Users on Chrome will have to first log out of their Clemson Google accounts before downloading the extension). View this user guide for more information about LibKey Nomad.

LibKey Discovery also makes it easier to find articles on the Libraries’ website by providing more direct links to articles from the Libraries’ catalog and by offering recommendations for other articles related to the topic.

“In the past, when you would pull up a record in the catalog, there often be multiple links to different versions of an article, which can be confusing for users,” Morris said. “This tool helps narrow down the options, making it easier for people to find exactly what they are searching for.”

This is an example of what will be displayed beside links to articles that are available through Clemson Libraries. Clicking the LibKey Nomad icons will take users to the article.