Clemson Libraries invites feedback on AI tool used to evaluate scientific articles

Clemson Libraries has a free one-month trial of scite, an award winning platform that uses artificial intelligence to discover and evaluate scientific articles.

During the trial, which runs through July 21, anyone with a Clemson University email address can access and use scite. The Libraries is seeking feedback from patrons who try the resource, and that feedback will be used to determine whether or not the Libraries will purchase a subscription.

Scite uses Smart Citations to analyze not only how many times a scientific article is cited but also the context of those citations ­– whether or not an article is cited with supporting statements, contrasting statements or just a mention. The tool will allow researchers and students to more effectively understand and evaluate articles and sources, as well as create dashboards to aggregate information and search for articles by funding agency, research organization or journal.

“As generative AI tools continue to evolve, they will also create both opportunities and challenges for how we work and learn,” said Elias Tzoc, associate dean for teaching, learning and research for Clemson Libraries. “We invite the Clemson community to try scite and let us know if or how it can help us enhance and customize the research and learning experience.”

To use the free trial, create an account in scite with your Clemson University email address. Click here to provide feedback about your experience with scite.

Resources to learn more about using scite: