Workstation Acceptable Use Policy

Academic work has priority at library computer workstations. Individual libraries may designate specific computer workstations for visitor and community patron use, certain academic uses, or other purposes. Priority is given to Clemson students, employees, and other affiliates such as conference attendees, summer camp participants, etc. Visitors and community patrons may be asked to vacate computer workstations if Clemson affiliates are waiting.

Use of Clemson Libraries computer workstations is subject to the rules and laws of the state of South Carolina and the applicable policies of Clemson University. These laws and policies include:

SECTION 16-15-305. Disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity unlawful; definitions; penalties; obscene material designated contraband. (A) It is unlawful for any person knowingly to disseminate obscenity. A person disseminates obscenity within the meaning of this article if he: (1) sells, delivers, or provides or offers or agrees to sell, deliver, or provide any obscene writing, picture, record, digital electronic file, or other representation or description of the obscene; (2) presents or directs an obscene play, dance, or other performance, or participates directly in that portion thereof which makes it obscene; (3) publishes, exhibits, or otherwise makes available anything obscene to any group or individual. (B) For purposes of this article any material is obscene if: (1) to the average person applying contemporary community standards, the material depicts or describes in a patently offensive way sexual conduct specifically defined by subsection (C) of this section.

Acceptable use of Information Technology resources at Clemson University.

Clemson Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

Security Officers will assess reports of violations and handle appropriately.

Original policy adopted: June 26, 2006
Revisions approved by Libraries Administrative Council: February 4, 2008
Revisions Approved by User Services Group: June 27, 2013
Revisions to Library Team Leads: Sept 10, 2014
Revisions approved by Library Council: January 13, 2015