The University Libraries intend to provide a safe and secure working and service environment for all employees and patrons. Vandalism, destruction of library materials or property, and theft are not tolerated and offenders are reported to the authorities immediately. Violent, abusive behavior, or harassment of any kind towards employees and patrons is not tolerated and offenders are reported to the authorities. Employees are asked to report all security-related incidents to the appropriate personnel whether the incidents are observed in his/her work area or in a public area. Employees are asked to be proactive in spotting and reporting potential security situations or incidents but are asked not to attempt to detain offenders or handle such situations on their own. All incidents of a serious nature are reported immediately to the University Police Department.

Weapons are not permitted on the premises.

Security Coordinators

The Facilities Manager and Cooper Security Coordinator serve as building security coordinators and act as a liaison to the Clemson University Police Department. CUPD will contact the coordinator(s) in the case of a security incident or emergency after hours or on the weekends

Library Security

The Libraries provide a security officer for R.M. Cooper Library during all open hours. The officer is responsible for the overall safety and security of the building and exterior and remains in the building for one-half hour after closing to ensure that all patrons have exited the building. The officer is responsible for all emergency procedures and routine rounds on all floors. Officer training is coordinated by the Security Coordinator and the Security company. Problems are reported via a report directly to the Security Coordinator who will correspond with the appropriate personnel.

If library security is needed for special events or functions, these will be coordinated with the contract security company.

Opening and Closing of the Building

The Security area bears responsibility for the opening and closing of the building according to the library calendar of hours of operation. The security officer assists in closing procedures and proper securing of areas.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are handled at the Library Services Desk. Owners are contacted if the information is available. Non-Clemson University ID cards, driver’s licenses, courtesy cards, etc. are mailed to the owner. Clemson University IDs are returned to the TigerOne office. Valuable materials are stored in secure area. All unclaimed items are discarded, donated to a charitable organization, or turned over to Clemson University Police Department (as appropriate).

Unattended Belongings

If items are observed to be left unattended in public areas, the Security Officer will leave a reminder card near the items. CUPD does not recommend the removal of items. Contact CUPD if there are questions about the nature of items. The officers are more than happy to consult and assist with unattended belongings.

Emergency Exits

At each corner of the building, emergency exits are located on 3rd (ground floor). These exits are intended for use as fire exits or other emergencies only. Each door has an active alarm which sounds at the door & in the Access Control system monitored at the 4th floor Library Services Desk.

Access Control Doors

The card access doors on 3rd floor (West delivery door and East employee door) are used primarily for the access of library employees, facilities employees, and patrons who need accessible entry or exit. Deliveries are made at the West door only. New employees arrange for access to the door through the Facilities Manager. The doors are monitored by camera at the Library Services Desk. An intercom system is also available. All persons with access badges are encouraged to prevent access to unauthorized persons (i.e. tailgating). Badges are for use only to the person to whom it was issued and are not to be loaned to others. No unauthorized removal or concealment of library property is permitted at either door.

Late Night Access at Cooper Library

Access to Cooper Library is restricted Sunday through Thursday from 11:00pm – 6:00am to CU Faculty, staff and students. To enter the building, current students, faculty, and staff must scan their TigerOne ID card at the late night access doors. Community members are welcome at all other times.

Temporary Badges

Vendors and outside service contractors may request that a temporary badge be issued. Temporary badges will be issued by the Facilities Manager. Recipients are responsible for the security of the badge while in their possession and for returning the badge to the security desk upon completion of their work. The Security Desk personnel should be notified immediately if a badge is lost or stolen. Vendors and contractors may be charged for replacement badges.

Security Gate

The function of the security exit gates in Cooper Library and Gunnin Library in Lee Hall is to prevent the unauthorized removal of library material. Except in cases of blatant theft, the libraries’ policy is to assume that the patron has made an honest mistake. Library staff are authorized to search patron belongings when it is necessary and are exempt from liability in the case of an arrest. Signs regarding library policy and the SC Code regarding unauthorized removal or concealment of library property are posted. Some textbooks and other items will cause false alarms and those situations are handled as such.

When the alarm sounds, patrons are asked to return to the Library Services Desk and belongings are checked to determine the cause of the alarm. If, in the judgment of the staff, the patron is attempting to deliberately remove library property unlawfully or vandalized materials are discovered, the matter will be referred to campus police or the Student Judicial Services Office.

Key Control

Each unit is responsible for maintaining security of building or unit keys issued to unit staff.

Offices and Work areas

Individual units are responsible for the security of office areas after hours and/or on the weekend. Security Officers check the doors at night and during the weekends and file a report if opened doors are discovered.

Incident Reports

All incidents of a security or emergency nature should be filed by incident report to the supervisor. In instances where a CUPD report is filed, the official copy will be maintained in the Information Services Manager’s Office. Any messages to the public and campus of an emergency nature will be posted in highly visible places and the information shared with all library employees.

Emergency Procedures

Complete guidelines regarding emergency procedures are available on the Clemson Libraries StaffWeb.

Branch Libraries

When applicable, these policies and procedures are followed in branch libraries.

Date: September 25, 1995
Last Revision: July 21, 2008
Approved by Kay L. Wall, Dean of Libraries July 21, 2008