Gifts of Library Material

Clemson Library is currently unable to accept donations at this time due to Covid-19.

The Clemson Libraries welcome gifts of books, audio and video recordings, maps, manuscripts, and other items that fall within the scope of the Libraries’ collections. We cannot guarantee that gifts will be added to the collection. If this is a concern for you, please contact us to determine the utility of a proposed gift prior to donation. Library employees may not act as appraisers of gifts to the Libraries, nor may they suggest as appraisers, names of employees of Clemson University.

Books and other library materials given to the Clemson Libraries become the property of the libraries.

For Clemson faculty who wish a donation added to the collections, please coordinate through your subject liaison. Please visit the Subjects Librarian web page for your liaison contact information. All other donors please contact the Collection Management Team at 864-656-2887 to arrange for the Libraries to receive donated materials or for further information.

The Libraries reserves the right not to add gifts to their collections, but may sell materials not accepted or may donate items to another library. The revenue generated from the sale of these donations will be used to purchase new materials for the Libraries collections. Materials in unsalable condition will be recycled.

Donors may deliver material gifts to the outside donation box or at the loading dock on the west side of R. M. Cooper Library (side next to Rhodes Hall). Please contact the Collection Management Team to coordinate deliveries on the west side of Cooper Library.

To learn more about making a difference with a cash gift to Clemson University Libraries, visit our Giving page.

Gifts of Library Material Policy

  • Acceptance
    • Gifts of library material are normally accepted by the Collection Management Team and Subject Librarians within their respective collection development areas. In some situations, the Dean of Libraries will accept gifts of library material. Gifts to Special Collections are handled by a separate policy. All gifts of library material are accepted on behalf of the Clemson University Libraries.
  • Conditions
    • Under normal circumstances, the only condition that may be attached to the acceptance of a gift is the insertion of gift plates in donated items. Any other condition must be approved by the Dean of Libraries.
    • Conditions under which gifts are accepted should be clearly understood by donors. These should be expressed verbally during the transaction, if possible. In addition, a copy of the “Gifts of Library Material” brochure should be enclosed with the acknowledgement to any new donors or for any sizable or valuable gift. Any special conditions must be stated in the acknowledgment.
  • Acknowledgment.
    • Gifts to the Clemson University Libraries are acknowledged by the Head of the Technical Services & Collection Management Unit or their designee on Clemson University Libraries letterhead. If only one item is donated, the acknowledgment will describe the donation by title. In the case of multiple items, the acknowledgment will enumerate the material by format; such as books, CDs, or DVDs.
  • Retention of Material for the Collections.
    • The librarians determine retention of materials for the Libraries’ collections, with the assistance of the Collection Management Team and library staff.
  • Disposition.
    • The Libraries may dispose of the material as they see fit, and are not obliged to add material to the Libraries’ collection unless deemed useful by them. The Libraries may choose to add gifts to the collection, sell, discard, or donate to another institution or charity.
  • Statements Concerning the Value of Gifts.
    • The Libraries do not determine the value of donations. This is in accordance with IRS regulations (IRS publication 1771 (rev. 7-2013), Charitable Contributions – Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements).
    • Any questions concerning statements of value for tax purposes should be directed to the Library Administration.

Considerations for donation

  • Books and Monographs
    • Antiquarian, rare and collectible books
    • Children’s books
    • College textbooks (published within the past 10 years)
    • Foreign language books (in Western Script)
    • Hardcover fiction and nonfiction
    • Softcover and mass market paperbacks
  • Other media (only complete sets with original case art)
    • DVDs and Blu-ray discs
    • Books on CDs
    • Video games
  • Multiple copies of a work are accepted in duplication
  • Physical condition of materials
    • Books must be free of mildew, mold, and dirt. They should not exhibit excessive cover and/or spine damage or missing covers/pages. Books cannot have water damage. Leave any library treatment intact.

Books and materials, not accepted – Please recycle or donate locally with other libraries:

  • Except in special circumstances and with the authorization of the Head of Technical Services & Collection Management, the library will not accept the following materials:
    • Any books that do not meet the condition requirements stated above
    • Newspapers and magazines
    • Books published by magazines
    • Activity books and workbooks
    • Annuals and Yearbooks
    • Britannica and World Books Encyclopedia
    • Case law and procedural books
    • Musical scores
    • Dated reference materials, 5 years or older
    • Directories and telephone books
    • Duplicate copies in excess of 20 copies per title
    • Free copies, examination copies, or advanced reading copies
    • Microfilm and microfiche
    • Textbooks, 10 years or older
    • Worn or annotated items
    • Custom course packets
    • Publisher’s preview copies
    • Audiocassettes, VHS tapes, LP records, and computer software
    • Non-Western Script books
    • Tax and Government Documents or forms

Tax Deductibility of Gifts in Kind

We are grateful for each Gifts of Library Material addition to the Clemson University Libraries collection. Donors may request a written acknowledgement of the Gifts of Library Material. Generally, a donation is tax deductible. Prior to donating; please include a count of materials by format, for example: 12 paperbacks, 15 hardcovers, 7 DVDs, 13 CDs, etc. We recommend donors consult with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a tax expert for detailed information on appraisals and donated materials for a charitable tax deduction. Clemson University Libraries does not accept gifts of books with an actual value unless the gift is appraised by a qualified third party. Please note that IRS laws prohibit the Libraries and its employees from assessing the monetary value of any Gifts of Library Material.

For more information, visit the IRS web site. Potential donors may also want to consult IRS Publication
526, Charitable Contributions or IRS Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, both
available at the IRS web site.