Webinar: Inclusive or Exclusive? Re-examining “Inclusive Access” Textbook Programs, April 21

In an effort to make course materials more affordable and accessible, many campuses are experimenting with “Inclusive Access” programs. Inclusive Access is a sales model that adds the cost of digital course content into students’ tuition and fees — in other words, automatic textbook billing. While the advertised benefits of these programs have been widely promoted by vendors, there are also drawbacks for students and faculty that deserve equal attention. At a time where access to course materials is part of meeting students’ basic needs in higher education, what campuses are doing to reduce costs matters. Attend this Inclusive Access webinar to get the facts on what Inclusive Access programs mean for your campus and explore how they differ from open models like OER (Open Education Resources). Also learn how to access resources and more information from InclusiveAccess.org.

Time: 1-2 pm, Thursday, April 21, 2022

Registration is required. Please register at: https://pascalsc.libcal.com/event/8999213