University Press Joins Clemson Libraries

We are pleased to welcome the Clemson University Press to the Clemson Libraries organization. John Morgenstern, the Press’ Director and Alison Mero, Managing Editor, are now a part of our team. John, Alison, and their student assistants will have an office on Cooper Library’s third floor once the renovation of their space here is complete.

John has been hired as an Assistant Librarian. He has led the Press since 2016 and was managing editor for one year previous. He has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Oxford and has extensive editorial experience.

Alison brings a wealth of experience as well, serving as Managing Editor of the press since 2017. She is also a musician, with PhD in Musicology. She also served as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Musicology for 4 years.

We’re so glad for this new partnership and the collaboration it will bring between the University Press and Clemson Libraries.