Strategic Plan

The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan is one in a network of internal documents guiding the policy and development of the Libraries for the 2020-2023 period, which integrates the Libraries R1 Report, Cooper Library Masterplan, Diversity Plan, and Clemson Libraries Unit Plans. The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan is closely connected to and seeks to fulfill the strategic priorities of the Clemson Forward Strategic Plan. Its purpose is to lay out the six specific goals of the Libraries in serving the interests of Clemson University and its students, faculty and other personnel for the next three years: Student Success, Research, Facilities, Collections, Personnel, and Outreach.

The process by which this plan was created included an environmental scan of trends in higher education, trends and futures of academic libraries, and an examination of various assessments, reports, and other internal library documents. Feedback from the Libraries’ personnel was gathered through surveys and additional feedback was provided by the Library Leadership Team in the development of the document. The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan builds on the previous strategic plan, LibrariesForward, and seeks to meet the anticipated needs of the Clemson University community.

In addition to revised goals, measurable outcomes and suggested strategies of how these goals can be reached are in the plan, as well as the revised mission statement that the Libraries developed in the fall of 2018. Lastly, a new vision statement that aligns with the mission statement and values that guide the work of the Clemson Libraries are included in the plan.

A final version of the plan is attached here: Strategic Plan 2020-2023.