Science librarians host workshop series

Clemson Libraries’ team of science librarians is hosting a series of workshops on a range of topics ­to help students and faculty with everything from publishing a paper to researching databases to patents and trademarks. The workshops will all be held virtually and are free for students, faculty and staff.

Workshop #1 — Matchmaking For Your Research: How to Love Your Journal Choice
February 8, 7-8 p.m. 

Facilitator: Karen Burton, College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Science Librarian

Do you have research looking for a home? Are you struggling to find the right journal to submit your paper to? Navigating the world of academic publishing can often be confusing, frustrating, and even dangerous with the shadow of predatory publishing lurking around every corner. Participants will learn how to find a journal whose scope fits their research, how to evaluate journal quality, and how to avoid predatory publishers.

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Workshop #2 — Cracking the Google Code: How to Effectively Search Google Scholar for Research Literature
February 16, 5-6 p.m.

Facilitator: Sally Smith, Health Sciences Librarian

Is Google Scholar your go to source for finding research articles? Did you know that you may not be searching it correctly? This workshop will provide you with an overview of Google Scholar tools to optimize your search experience. Participants will walk away with tips and tricks on how to use Google Scholar’s advanced search feature, an understanding of the types of literature indexed in the search engine, and more! This workshop is intended for students and faculty members in all disciplines, but special attention will be paid to searching for scientific research literature.

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Workshop #3 — What Patents and Trademarks Are and How to Find Them
February 23, 5-6 p.m.

Facilitator:  Jennifer Groff, Engineering Librarian

Curious about what patents and trademarks are, and what they protect?  This workshop is for inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who’d like to learn more about these forms of intellectual property, and how to begin searching for published patent documents and federally registered or pending trademarks in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) databases.

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Workshop #4 — Database Deep Dive: Web of Science
March 2, 5-6 p.m.

Facilitator: Shelby Carroll, Science Librarian

Are you looking to enhance your database searching knowledge? Come join the libraries as we investigate one of our most popular scientific databases: Web of Science. Web of Science is one of the most comprehensive science databases currently available. Participants of this workshop will learn how to effectively use the database to search for literature, as well as take away more in-depth knowledge of special functions of Web of Science that can take their search to the next level.

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