Reminder: Download Responsibly

We’ve had another incident involving excessive downloading. Just a reminder about doing your downloading responsibly. Also, if you think your password might have been compromised, please change it immediately. CCIT can help.

As much as we all use the internet to find answers to many of our questions (yes, even librarians Google sometimes) not everything is freely available, especially scholarly eJournal and eBook content. The Libraries have contracts with publishers and vendors who collect the content and make it available online. We pay to access this content.

image of RM CooperOn occasion, someone decides that content is too tempting and that they have to have it all!

Well, that’s not allowed.


  • Using articles from Clemson’s e-journal or e-book subscriptions for commercial purposes is not permitted by the Libraries’ contracts with publishers/vendors
  • Excessive downloading of e-journal or e-book content/articles can cause ALL Clemson users to lose access to electronic resources

When one person doesn’t follow the agreed upon terms of the contracts, it’s possible that everybody could lose access.

All this and more is detailed in our Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.