R1 Report Open Forums

Recently, an R1 Task Force was created to conduct research and collect data to evaluate Clemson’s current operations, discern the differences between Clemson Libraries and 12 specific aspirational peer R1 Libraries, and offer recommendations to help Clemson Libraries bridge the gap.

We will be holding two open forums at 12pm on Thursday, November 21st in the Byrnes Room and 12pm on Wednesday, December 4th in the Brown Room for students, faculty, and staff. These brief presentations will be followed with a discussion about the Task Force recommendations for the future of the Libraries.

To view the full report, click here.

2 comments on “R1 Report Open Forums

    • dmcenti on

      Hi Ed, the first forum on November 21st will be in the Byrnes Room and the second forum on December 4th will be in the Brown Room.


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