Public Health Sciences students produce guidebook with help from Clemson Libraries

Clemson Libraries showcase An Ecological Approach to Obesity and Eating Disorders, the first publication of its collaboration with Clemson faculty on open pedagogy instruction. Open pedagogy is an innovative approach for student class projects that utilizes innovative web publishing technologies. It challenges students to work together to write an authoritative piece of information on their course subject for the public and publish it online. Based on constructivist educational theory, open pedagogy encourages students to learn collaboratively and peer reviewing each other’s writings. Open pedagogy projects teach students skills in public writing, professional editing, copyright law and using web publishing platforms. Students benefit by active learning, improvement in writing and resume enhancement.

Since last fall Clemson Libraries have trained instructors to teach using open pedagogy. It also educated students on copyright, publishing and editing in courses with open pedagogy assignments. An Ecological Approach to Obesity and Eating Disorders, a guidebook on eating disorders written for the general public is a product of this new library, faculty and student collaboration. It was written by students in HLTH 4150, a course taught by Prof. Becky Tugman from the Department of Public Health Sciences under the assistance of Clemson Librarians Yang Wu and Anne Grant. Clemson Libraries congratulates Prof. Tugman and her students for all their hard work.

For more information on open pedagogy please contact Yang Wu ( and Anne Grant (