Open Access Week

Clemson Open Access Week

Learn, Share and Empower in Teaching and Learning

October 22-25th, 2018


Did you know:

The practices of for-profit academic publishers have added to the financial burden of faculty, institutions and students and perpetuated a growing cost barrier to accessing scholarly information.

What can we do?

Come join us and learn about Open Access programs and resources that are available to tremendously reduce cost of learning and to enhance teaching. Events are organized by Clemson University Libraries. You will:


  • Paywall: The Business of Scholarship.

Explore the controversial nature of academic publishing and the need for Open Access through a showing of this documentary.

Monday: October 22, 3:30-5:30, Strom Thurmond Auditorium

  • Open Access at Clemson

Learn ways that you can contribute to Open Access by making your writings more accessible to researchers, while increasing their scholarly impact.

Tuesday: October 23, 12:30-2:00, Brown Room, Cooper Library

  • Open Education Resources

Discover how you can reduce the costs of textbooks for students. Find out financial incentives you can receive for your activism.

Wednesday: October 24, 1-2:30, Brown Room, Cooper Library

  • Multimedia Resources and Open Access

Want to incorporate audio, visual and video sources into your creative work or student’s projects? How do you find relevant media? What are some legal and technical issues you should be aware of? Learn about Creative Commons, a creative licensing system for creators and authors.

Thursday: October 25, 3:30-4:30, Adobe Studio, Cooper Library


Ask questions, share your experiences and thoughts in these four discussion-based events hosted by experts on the subject.


Enrich yourself with a deeper understanding of your rights as an author, how you can make your works known while making knowledge and education more accessible.