OER Teaching Awards – Spring 2022

Clemson Libraries is offering awards to faculty members to use Open Educational Resources (OER) in their teachingOER are a wide range of peer reviewed, constantly updated educational resources, including textbooks, exams, and class activities that are free for you and your students. The Libraries is currently offering six $1,000 awards for faculty teaching courses in the Spring 2022 semester. Faculty who receive them will teach a course, with the Libraries assistance, using free OER materials or low-cost resources that can reduce individual student cost for purchasing them to under $35. The awards can be given to faculty as either dual employment income or research funding.

Please use the following link to apply: https://bit.ly/3gh0Xmz (Scroll down the page, click on and fill out the OER Faculty Award Application Form)
Applications close on November 30th 
  • All faculty instructors teaching courses with more than 40 students are eligible to apply. 
  • Awards will be given based on projected student savings and the number of students affected. 
  • Courses that have been taught prior to Spring 2022 using OER or low-cost materials will not be eligible.

The Libraries will assist winners to find materials suited to their teaching needs. It will also introduce them to experts who can support their course design and online course preparation. Please use the following links to learn more about OER and begin searching for them:

Open Educational Resources LibGuide:


and the Open Educational Resource for Gen Ed/Crossings courses LibGuide:


For more information on affordable learning materials and where to begin finding them please contact Dr. Yang Wu, Open Resources Librarian, Clemson Libraries at ywu9@nullclemson.edu.