New Canvas course helps researchers with systematic reviews

Clemson Libraries is offering a new online course that will specifically help researchers master systematic and other types of reviews. This course will go through the steps of systematic review methodology as well as provide a guide for other appropriate review methodologies.

The Systematic Reviews canvas course is made up of 10 modules, each of which will cover the steps of the systematic review process. To successfully complete each module, an assessment must be passed. After all 10 modules have been covered, a completion certificate will be given to all individuals who pass the final assessment.

This course is intended for graduate students, postdocs and faculty who are completing complex reviews, but undergraduate students may also enroll. It is important to note that undergraduate students can not complete complex review types without the leadership of full-time faculty.

Access to this course can be found by going to the tutorials section of the Clemson Libraries website and clicking “Clemson Libraries Systematic and Other Reviews Tutorial” under the Canvas Content section. Questions about the course can be emailed to the science librarians at