Meet a Librarian: Tomeka Jackson

What is your job? I am a Library Resident / Temporary faculty member. The Library Resident is part of a fellowship program that allows early-career librarians or paraprofessionals to gain aparticular skill set working in an academic library. Most of my job is project-based, working with faculty, staff, and students on various projects that contribute to Clemson Libraries’ strategic goals in student success, EDI ( Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), Librarianship, etc.

What is your favorite book? I like indie and regular comic books, nonfiction, fiction, and sci-fi books generally.  Some of my favorite books are the Saga graphic novel series, “The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, “The Origins of the New South” by Vann Woodard,  Black Panther Marvel Comics, and many more.

What is your favorite spot in the Libraries? I like the Watt Center — it is a quiet and colorful place to relax and get some work done in between my meetings. Sitting outside the center is nice, too.

What’s the best thing about working for the Libraries? The commitment that the faculty and staff have to the students and the University as a whole. The faculty encourages one another during tenure appointments and the staff works very hard and has great institutional knowledge.

What is one thing you wish students knew about the Libraries? I want students to know that the library offers many opportunities to help them advance in their future endeavors. Some of those opportunities are the Textbook Reserve Program (rent textbooks for free! for more information, see the front staff at the circulation desk), Scholars Lab (a great place to study and collaborate), Adobe Studio Makerspace (3D Printing), Education Media Center (education students take advantage of the resources available!), Geospatial Center, and more! For more information, look on the library’s website under the tab “Study and Create” via “Creative Spaces.” As a side note, I want students to know that the librarians and staff behind the scenes work hard to provide the necessary resources that contribute to their success as well. The Collections and Discovery Department ensures resources are available online, accurate, paid for, and links work correctly. You may never see them but know that every book, e-book, or any resource was provided with care by those behind the scenes and those forward-facing in the public sphere.