Meet a Librarian: Gordon Cochrane

Subject areas: Education, Political Science, Military Leadership, and Aerospace Science; I also handle the juvenile and young adult collections.

What book are you currently reading? Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All is Lost by Michael Walsh

What is your favorite spot in the libraries? The Education Media Center (EMC) [located in 212 Tillman Hall] just because it’s a quiet gem of a study space where you can get stuff done but you can also hang out with your friends. It’s got a quiet side and a non-quiet side. And it’s nice being among students related to where I am – education students – and I can help them at the point of need.

What’s the best thing about working for the Libraries? Helping students with their research. Invariably they’ll come in, spend some time with me and they leave with what they need but then I start diving down rabbit trails of information, finding out new stuff.

What is one thing you wish students knew about the Libraries? They can ask us anything. It’s not just “I need an article,” it can be “I need a book to read on a lazy afternoon” or “how does this work? Why does it work?” There’s really nothing they can’t ask us. Sometimes they just think “my question’s not important” but if you’ve got a question, it’s important.