Important Reopening Reminders – Week of September 12

We are looking forward to seeing you all as campus reopens for the fall semester! You can find a full list of our fall reopening updates on our website here: , but here are a few important things to remember about the libraries as you come back to campus.


  • Cooper Library is holding a soft opening this week from 8 – 4:30pm M-F.  Not all services are available, but if you want to come in and try our new entrance procedures, we’d love to see you.
  • You MUST book a seat or appointment to come inside our library locations. Information on how to book a seat or appointment can be found on our website here:
  • You can print inside Cooper Library. To do so, you must book a seat.
  • Book retrieval is available by placing a request in the catalog. To pick up your item(s), just come to the front doors and call our PickUp Assistance line at 864-656-1792.
  • Technology reservations must be placed 24 hours in advance and can be picked up and returned at our PickUp Assistance location by calling 864-656-1792.
  • We have added extra book drops and their locations. (Especially since all due dates fall on the same day of 9/30). There is a new location on the bridge level (4th floor) right beside the ADA entrance. There is also a new one on the Rhodes side ground level against the library building.  The original one is on the East side up against the building.
  • In preparation for your return to campus, we’ve added more convenient ways for you to return your items. You can now return books at the drops located beside the front doors of Cooper Library (on bride level), on either East or West side( on ground level), or at any of our branch locations.

We look forward to helping you make this a successful semester!”