Extended Exam Week Hours

Cooper Library will have extended exam week hours for students. Starting Monday, December 2 Cooper Library will be open 24 hours until Friday, December 13 when it will close at 8pm.

In addition, the Central Clemson Library will also have extended hours for students to study and will be open until midnight every night from December 1-5 and 8-12 for exam week. All college students are invited to settle into a comfy chair or spread out on the floor for that last minute cram session. Library staff will be brewing coffee and the Friends of the Central-Clemson Library will provide some snacks. Students will need to sign in and show a valid college ID to enter. For more information, stop by or call the Central-Clemson Library at 639-2711.

There are also additional spaces across campus with extended hours for exam week:

Good luck on exams!