Clemson University Press partners with Longleaf Services

Clemson University Press is partnering with Longleaf Services to provide fulfillment and publishing services. The partnership means that sales, distribution and fulfillment will be provided by Longleaf, which will allow the Press staff to focus on its mission of publishing diverse and impactful scholarship.

“I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with Longleaf Services,” said Alison Mero, director of the Press. “Clemson University Press is going to benefit immensely from their distribution, fulfilment and sales support. Longleaf will give us a much greater reach with our books and will let us grow our publishing program.”

In recent years, the Press has gone from publishing two or three books per year to 20 to 30 books and journal issues annually.

“It’s not uncommon for a small press to get to the point where taking care of the nuts and bolts of publishing – packing and shipping, pushing out metadata, other necessary tasks – really begins to hinder their ability to perform their mission of publishing good scholarship,” said Longleaf Services CEO Clay Farr. “We do everything that presses shouldn’t have to be good at in order to disseminate the publication of scholarly work.”

Mero said the partnership will allow Clemson University Press to “operate like a bigger press,” and should increase revenue and raise the profile of the Press.

About Clemson University Press

Established in 2000, Clemson University Press has expanded in recent years, adding approximately 25 books and journal issues per annum to its strong backlist of more than 100 titles. In 2014, the Press entered into partnership with Liverpool University Press, an award-winning publisher of distinguished scholarship since 1899. Through this strategic international partnership, the Press is a global ambassador for Clemson University, distributing increasingly diverse and impactful scholarship worldwide. In 2021, the Press became a member of the Association of University Presses, a distinguished international community of publishers committed to the highest caliber of research-based scholarship.

About Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services, Inc. provides fulfillment and publishing services for university presses. Operating with a collaborative philosophy, it enables client publishers to enhance their competitiveness, improve operating efficiencies, and create economies of scale, resulting in better service to their customers and lowering overall operating costs for both publisher and book buyer. A 501(c)3 organization, Longleaf Services commenced operations in 2006 and currently provides fulfillment services for 23 university presses and provides various publishing services for the wider scholarly publishing world.