Clemson Libraries Spring Changes

Welcome back to campus, Tigers! We have a number of updates this semester that we wanted to share with you as you begin the spring semester.

Stop by and see some of our new updates to the building!

  • The back of the second floor behind the elevators in Cooper (200A) has been repainted and carpeted
  • We have new carpet and new furniture in front of the fourth floor lobby

In addition to our building updates, we have relocated the security desk from near the exit doors to the circulation desk. Our security will also provide Late Night Access Doors that are available 11pm Sunday night – Thursday at 6pm through the use of your TigerOne card so you can enter and exit the building freely.

Finally, last semester our Dean was asked by undergraduate students about the ability to have staplers and hole punches located at all printer stations in Cooper. As a result, we now have secured stapler stations! Listed below are the current locations:

  • 2 sets at the 4th floor Library Services Desk
  • 1 set at the 4th floor printers (West Learning Commons)
  • 1 set at the 2nd floor printers
  • 2 sets at the 5th floor printers

Our Education Media Center at Tillman Hall This is beginning phase two of their renovations. This has included new shelving with rolling ladders for better space usage, adding lots of electrical outlets to better maintain the collection, new flooring to match the rest that we updated, and still being finished is a dual workstation for the EMC staff (Cierra and I) in the window sill that will have exposed original 1893 Tillman brick.

Our Gunnin Architecture Library in Lee Hall are adding new outlets on the lower level and new lighting in the stairwell.

We wish you the best of luck with your semester! Clemson Libraries are here to help you succeed.