Access to Digital Version of DSM-5 Is Suspended

We realized in the worst possible way this week that our electronic access to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5®) had a yearly cap of users. We have already reached that cap after only four months and the database vendor has cut off our subscription until 2019. And we have not yet found another way to purchase this manual electronically.

Until we figure out another plan, we have placed a paper copy of the DSM-5 for one-hour loan at the Cooper Services Desk (and rush-ordered two more). There is also a Reference copy available at the Educational Media Center in Tillman Hall. We are also encouraging students to look at APA ebooks such as the DSM-5 Guidebook and the Study Guide to the DSM-5 that might be helpful in their work. These can be found on the Psychology research guide:

Sincere apologies for the sudden loss of this important resource and thanks for your patience while we try to make as many copies of this  source available as many ways as we can.