Cooper Library Enhancements

Library Furniture Fund

The Library Furniture Fund provides vital resources to purchase replacement furniture in study spaces located throughout Cooper Library. The library currently has available spaces for students including tables, individual desks, computer stations, and cubicles. Heavily trafficked areas like the Learning Commons, Adobe Digital Studio, and 3rd Floor Collaboration area bear the brunt of student use. Gifts to this priority ensure that Cooper Library remains a quality physical presence for our students.

Library Technology Fund

The Library Services Desk provides current students, faculty, and staff with a wide selection of technology that may be loaned out for university-related use. Available resources include cameras, recording equipment, projectors, calculators, virtual reality headsets, and gaming equipment. Gifts to the Technology Fund expand the volume of available equipment and ensure funding is available to replace overused and outdated technology on a regular basis.

Group Study Room Initiative

Cooper Library is in need of approximately 10 additional study rooms designed for groups of four to eight students. Each room will be outfitted with collaborative elements like white boards and wireless display monitors for students to use as they work on group projects together. Donors are able to fund and name an individual room with a gift of $50,000. Interested in funding a study room? Contact Brian Sisco at for additional details.