Open Access Publishing Fund

Updates for the 2023-24 fiscal year: The fund is no longer following a first come first served model.  We have moved to a competitive model with 2-3 monthly awards.  This will enable the fund to be equitably distributed throughout the fiscal year.  For more information please see these slides from our presentation at the 2023 Research Symposium.

About the Fund

Clemson University Libraries is committed to supporting its faculty community in their efforts to share the results of their research broadly, quickly, and openly. Often, this is accomplished by legally sharing accepted manuscripts through an institutional repository or academic social networking site. However, the Libraries also recognizes the important role fully open access journals play in the changing landscape of scholarly communication, as well as the economic realities authors face in choosing to make their works fully OA.

Visit the Open Access Publishing Fund collection in TigerPrints view the open access works supported by this initiative:

  • Form: Open Access Fund Application

Award Eligibility

  • Each application will be evaluated using this rubric.
  • Application for funding must be completed at the time of submission or immediately upon an article’s acceptance for publication.
  • The Libraries will evaluate applications submitted each month and 2-3 awards will be given monthly.  
  • The maximum award is $1,500.
  • Awards will be paid directly to the publisher, and authors cannot be reimbursed.
  • Clemson faculty, adjunct faculty, researchers, post-docs, Emeritus faculty, and graduate students in all disciplines are eligible to apply (must have an active email). 
  • Individual authors are restricted to one award per fiscal year.
  • Authors must request a match from their department, college, or an outside granting agency. 
  • Funds may be used to cover publication fees, submission fees, or illustration fees.
  • Only reputable and fully open access publications will be eligible for funding. Hybrid journals are excluded. “Reputability” will be determined by the Libraries in consultation with the applicant, the Directory of Open Access Journals, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, and other resources listed here.  
  • Articles that do not have a Clemson author as the first author are not eligible. In the case of cross-institutional co-authors, the Clemson researcher must apply for the award and be listed as the first author. Any award will be prorated.
  • Authors agree to cite the fund as a source of support within the article.  Text will be provided when the award is made.
  • Authors must deposit a copy of the funded article in Clemson University’s TigerPrints institutional repository.
  • Authors automatically opt-in to having themselves and their research featured on Clemson’s social media if they are chosen for an award.  If you do not want your research featured you must indicate that on your application.


Karen Burton
Science Librarian

Creative Commons License

This policy has been drafted based on the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.