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Woodstock Then and Now

A 50th Anniversary Celebration

By Alex Ludwig and Simone Pilon

Pages: 214 pages

Published: April 2022

The Power of Pastiche

Musical Miscellany and Cultural Identity in Early Eighteenth-Century England

By Alison DeSimone

Pages: 256 pages

Published: April 2021

Madeleine Dring

Lady Composer

By Wanda Brister and Jay Rosenblatt

Pages: 256 pages

Published: August 2020

Printed Musical Propaganda in Early Modern England

By Joseph Arthur Mann

Pages: 256 pages

Published: June 2020

Granville Bantock (1868–1946)

A Guide to Research

By John C. Dressler

Pages: 256 pages

Published: May 2020

Facing South

Keyboard Instruments in the Early Carolinas

By Thomas Strange, Patrick Hawkins, and Kunio Hara

Pages: 122 pages

Published: August 2018