Clemson Extension Publishing

Clemson Extension Publishing, an imprint of Clemson University Press, publishes research-led books, practical guides, and manuals in subject areas including but not limited to entomology, horticulture, agriculture, food science, nutrition, gardening, forestry, water, and wildlife. The Press also publishes related academic journals in the imprint, such as The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources. Publications in the imprint advance Clemson University’s land-grant mission to disseminate quality, trusted information and enrich lives through education.

All publications in the imprint are subject to rigorous peer review and benefit from the appraisal of the imprint’s Advisory Board.

To Submit a Proposal

Proposals for books in the Clemson Extension Publishing Imprint will follow the same review protocols as every other book published by Clemson University Press. If you wish to propose a book for the imprint, please download the proposal template, respond to all of the sections, and return it to the imprint’s director, Drew Griffin. Please also address any questions that you may have about the proposal or imprint to any of these contacts.