For Journal Editors

Clemson University Press invites journal proposals from learned societies and scholarly organizations. The Press publishes journals in partnership with such organizations, sharing in resources to disseminate impactful scholarship to the broadest possible audience. At present, we are primarily interested in publishing open-access online journals, fully indexed and discoverable in library catalogs worldwide at the article level. Some print options may be available.

The working arrangement between Clemson University Press and the journal editor can be tailored on a case-by-case basis, but in general the journal editor oversees the peer-preview process for each submission and delivers each issue to the press after basic line editing and copyediting has been implemented in consultation with authors. The journal editor makes ultimate publication decisions. The Press typesets each issue for the editor’s/authors’ review and publishes each issue on an open-access platform or, more rarely, in print.


A journal stands to raise the academic profile of a learned society or scholarly organization. Clemson University Press can offer professional typesetting, open-access publishing, indexing, and some promotion.