About Clemson University Press

Established in 2000, Clemson University Press has expanded in recent years, adding approximately twenty-five books and journal issues per annum to its strong backlist of more than a hundred titles. In 2014, the Press entered into partnership with Liverpool University Press, an award-winning publisher of distinguished scholarship since 1899. Through this strategic international partnership, the Press is a global ambassador for Clemson University (an R1 classified, top-25 public university), distributing increasingly diverse and impactful scholarship worldwide. Our ambitious publishing program continues to highlight the rigorous standard of critical and creative output from Clemson and further distinguishes the University as a center for research and culture. All of our publications enjoy the highest standards through external review and appraisal by the Editorial Advisory Board.

Editorial Advisory Board

Wayne K. Chapman, Founding Director, Clemson University Press
Anthony Cond, Managing Director, Liverpool University Press
Christopher Cox, Dean, Clemson Libraries
Charles Forsdick, James Barrow Professor of French, Liverpool University
Gabriel Hankins, Assistant Professor of English, Clemson University
Michael LeMahieu, Associate Professor of English, Clemson University
Brian McGrath, Associate Professor of English, Clemson University
Alison Mero, Director, Clemson University Press
Lee Morrissey, Professor of English, Clemson University                                                                                                                                                                    Otis Pickett, University Historian, Clemson University                                                                                                                                                                          Frank Shovlin, Professor and Head of the Institute of Irish Studies, Liverpool University
Barbara J. Speziale, Professor of Biological Sciences, Clemson University
Rhondda Thomas, Associate Professor of English, Clemson University
Dawn Anticole White, Managing Editor, Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension