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Womb Work

Womb-Centered Health Narratives as Reparative Praxis in Black Women’s Fiction

By Belinda Monique Waller-Peterson

Pages: pages

Published: December 2023

Freedom Beyond Confinement

Travel and Imagination in African-American Cultural History and Letters

By Michael Ra-shon Hall

Pages: 256 pages

Published: November 2021

Before the War and After the Union

An Autobiography by Sam Aleckson

Edited by Susanna Ashton

Pages: 256 pages

Published: April 2021

Excavating Exodus

Biblical Typology and Racial Solidarity in African American Literature

By J. Laurence Cohen

Pages: 256 pages

Published: April 2021

Editing the Harlem Renaissance

Edited by Joshua M. Murray and Ross K. Tangedal

Pages: 256 pages

Published: May 2022